Concentrate On Your Force

Yoga means addition – the addition of energy, strength and beauty to body, mind and soul.

Abelliu Yoga. We want to help you to open your secret energy.

Yoga makes you harmonious with nature and teaches you to be joyfully curious about your inner world.

Options For Courses

Postnatal Yoga Classes

We will guide you through exercises to gently work on the perineum and strengthen your deep abdominal muscles and recover after birth.

Yoga Nidra Course

You will come into complete emotional relaxation and achieve a better night's sleep.

Laughter Yoga

Our world is full of responsibilities and rushing. Lots of problems may prevent us from coming in the mood for laughing. We will show how to add more laugh in your life.

Practicing Pranayama: Breathe Happy, Be Happy


Discover the power of the breath on the mind, body, and emotions using traditional pranayama (yogic breathing) techniques. Learn to use these techniques to work towards becoming happier every day.

You will learn how to:

  • explain what Pranayama is and why it's important
  • differentiate the benefits and contraindications of each type of yogic breath
  • determine which breath(s) will be most beneficial to you depending on how you are feeling

Yoga for Office Workers


Anyone who sits behind a desk all day knows only too well the aches and pains that can creep into their body. Sitting for long periods while doing office work all day is very unnatural for humans. Practicing yoga can counteract the variety of negative effects an office job can bring.

You will learn how to:

increase your flexibility and elasticity through the stretching exercises, improve your posture, strengthen the deep muscles of the spine through the stabilization exercises

About us

Felicity Clinton co-founder of Abelliu Yoga
We recommend you do not worry about possible imperfections in the form and pay attention to internal sensations. Yoga is not a momentary result, but a progressive development of your capabilities. Be attentive to yourself, to your states, and do not pursue the perfection of form, it will come with time.

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